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I had never realised that investments is such a simple task, till when I met Investwise Team. I am really thankful to him and the team for providing me a simplified explanation of the subject . They made me realise that investment is a habit ! A good habit, to achieve all your future financial Gaols. And today , I am happy that I am investing – not just saving ! So I can say ‘Learn to Earn”
Ram Krishna
Putting money in a savings account is just like putting money in your PiGGY Bank. Investing is to get desired growth in those savings !The main idea behind investing is to put money you’ve saved into things you think will go up in value over time. Things like stocks, or bonds, or real estate. You can make profit by selling your investments at appreciated price or by way of dividends declared by the issuers. One big difference between saving and investing is that investing always involves risk. If the value of your investment goes up, you could earn more than you would in a savings account. But if the value goes down, you could lose some or even all of your money. That’s why you should understand the Risk involved in Investing, before you start